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Welcome to Frederick Travel Waterloo

Frederick Travel Waterloo is very proud to team up with the University of Waterloo, as your preferred travel supplier, to serve and advise you on your business travel requirements. Frederick Travel Waterloo has been in the business of providing exceptional corporate travel services for over 24 years, with representation on both a local and global level. We are an owner-operated boutique style agency with a strong focus on customer service. This has enabled us to build an agency rooted in the best proven practices while staying current with the ever-changing travel landscape. Our commitment is to make things easier for you and to do this we need to convey some information. We recommend that you read the following information carefully and ask that you follow the travel guideline indicated in order to take advantage of the savings available to the company.

We strongly encourage all University travelers to book all travel arrangements (air, hotel & car rental) through Frederick Travel. By doing this we will effectively manage the University’s travel program and take full advantage of volume buying power and airline, hotel and car rental discounts. Also, in case of an emergency, it is important that the company know your approximate whereabouts.

Travel Services

Frederick Travel Waterloo provides a minimum of two cost effective options for all of our corporate travel requests. Our resourceful and dedicated staff can manage a wide range of travel needs, including quick responses to all inquiries.

We are a full service agency offering Corporate Travel, Leisure Travel and Meetings & Events.

Our services include...

  • Airline reservations and ticketing
  • Rail reservations and ticketing
  • Hotel reservations
  • Car reservations
  • Automated Personal Profiles
  • 24 hours/365 days, Worldwide Emergency Service
  • International Travel Advisories
  • Leisure Travel

Groups, Meetings and Events

Personal Travel Profile

Better yet, create your own Profile Login, so we can keep designing the perfect trip for you for years to come.

Profile Login

Booking Process

We are pleased to offer you 3 options when submitting a travel request. We recognize that everyone has a personal preference when placing a request for service.

  1. Submit on online Corporate Travel Request Form
  2. Email your dedicated travel team
  3. Call your dedicated travel team