Privacy Policy

Our Committment To You

Frederick Travel Waterloo is deeply committed to the protection of the personal information of all its clients by complying with the laws and regulations under applicable privacy laws in Canada. Each client is asked to sign an Informed Consent Form (ICF) which details why personal information is collected and how it will be used. This personal information is updated regularly, to ensure accuracy and completeness, and is available to the client upon request.

We pride ourselves on our ongoing commitment to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients' personal information. If you have any questions or concerns with any aspect of our policies please contact us.

Collection of Personal Information

Frederick Travel Waterloo only saves such personal information that is necessary for you to access and use our services. This personal information includes, but is not limited to, first and last name, physical address, email address and phone number.

How We Use Personal Information

Your personal information will be used in order to provide you with better service. This includes the use of information for completing transactions or communicating back to you.

Who We Share Your Information With

We will NOT sell or rent your name or personal information to anyone else. We DO NOT sell, rent or provide outside access to our mailing list at all. If required by law, search warrant, subpoena, court order, or credit card fraud investigation, Frederick Travel Waterloo may be required to release such personal information.

Security of Your Personal Information

Once the information is in our system, it is accessible to authorized Frederick Travel Waterloo personnel only. We strictly enforce our privacy policies with our staff and employees and any breach of this policy is taken extremely seriously by Frederick Travel Waterloo.