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Our team of highly-trained, informed professionals draw from their own passion for travel and dedication to quality service. For over 24 years we have developed dynamic relationships with all of our clients and travel partners, and have been committed to the highest standards in the travel industry.

Our Most Valuable Asset is YOU, Our Client.

So please, take a few moments to look around our website, and contact us with any questions!

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Travel agent Ingrid Nardella
Travel agent Scott Allen Scott has been a travel professional for over 45 years. An ex...
Travel agent Ana Carias
Travel agent Ashley Grimshaw Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a TICO certified travel consul...
Travel agent Laura Blair, CTC
Travel agent John Graham
Travel agent Sonia Rooymans
Travel agent Anna Milla

What's New at Frederick Travel Waterloo

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Krakow Beautiful place, Town which is full of people of many different nationalities.
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Mount Carmel's Caves, a Study into Human Evolution The four caves of Mount Carmel include Tabun, Jamal, El-Wad and Skhul. The cave’s terraces are clustered next to each other on the southern side of Nahal Me’arot Valley which opens to the coastal plain on the western end of the Carmel range.
The Gelati Monastery and Bragrati Cathedral The Gelati Monastery features mosaics, wall paintings, enamel and metal work that make this monastery to rise above the status of being just a monastery but also a center of education and science.
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Experience a Life of Luxury at Hotel Estherea This is a blog about one of the best hotels in the world - the Hotel Estherea. That the hotel is located on Singel, Amsterdam's oldest canal, makes it a must visit for those intent on seeing what Amsterdam has to offer.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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Frederick Travel Waterloo is in the business of providing exceptional corporate travel experiences, with representation on both a local and global level. We are an owner-operated boutique style agency with a strong focus on customer service. Our unparalleled commitment to excellence, mastery of cutting-edge technology and staff of passionate travelers, has secured our presence as one of the premier independent agencies in Canada specializing in corporate travel solutions.

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