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Seattle, Washington Travel Guide

Seattle, Washington sits at one of the most unique spots in the United States. Occupying a narrow isthmus between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, it is the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America with 4 million calling the area home. Carpets of evergreen trees, pristine blue waters, and snowy white mountains fills behind the downtown’s metallic skyscrapers, earning the city its nickname The Emerald City.

Beneath its nature, you will find a vibrant & cosmopolitan city for all shapes & sizes. Next to the progressive downtown & the freestyle east, you can find a laid-back situation at its north, or diversity of races at its south. The many types of restaurants, coffee and microbreweries are worth indulging for after a day at the parks or the beaches, strolling the buildings, or admire the arts. When you are done with the hectic city situation, the fun doesn't end here! At one single day, you can play with both solid snow on the mountains, and liquid water at the coast. Especially for the bold, the brave and the adventurer, you just can't get enough of Seattle.

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