Welcome to my profile, I'm 27 years old and I work as a sales manager, I don't like my job but I need it to do my hobby - travel, I love travel and explore new places, and develop my knowledge about world, other coutures, other people, learn new language, I can speak in Spanish, Deutsch and Italian, despite English of course.

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Krakow Krakow Beautiful place, Town which is full of people of many different nationalities.
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by Derekhyde5849 - Krakow, 77, Poland - - 2 Replies

It amazing place full of colours of everything - of people, of area, of music, of arts, of artists, of nationality,

Derekhyde5849 - about 4 years ago

You can take a cab ride or see the happy couple who is making a photo shoot
- photo from [link removed] I took a cab ride and I felt like I was in XIX century - really nice ;)

Derekhyde5849 - about 4 years ago