Electric Wheelchair Accommodations

Hi Frederick, I noticed you have an electric chair. We have 120V here in the US, and France uses 220V. So, of course, I need a t

Hi Frederick, I noticed you have an electric chair. We have 120V here in the US, and France uses 220V. So, of course, I need a transformer to charge the chair at night. But, is that going to work? Will the chair get charged? I have been to Paris before in a manual chair, but I really don’t want to use my manual if I can avoid it. Thanks for your help. Dominique de Mar

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James Glasbergen

Hi Dominique,

Yes, you will require a voltage converter, and you need to make sure that this voltage converter is designed for continuous use, meaning it is designed to continuously charge your wheelchair overnight. Many voltage converters are only designed to charge things on a short-term basis, so they would not be able to handle the overnight charging of an electric wheelchair or scooter. What I always recommend to electric wheelchair users is to read the labeling on your battery charger (number of volts and amp requirements), and then go to an electronics store and tell them what you need the voltage converter for and the requirements that your battery charger specifies. They should be able to recommend a proper converter for you. I would recommend a voltage converter that has a capacity of at least 500 W. Anything less could cause you a major headache while you are away, so even if the salesman tells you that something less would be fine, you are best off getting something with at least a capacity of 500 W. Please keep in mind that a proper voltage converter MAY cost you up to $100 or more. It's worth it, though!

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