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  • Krakow, a city in southern Poland, is known for its well-preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter. It is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. It has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic, cultural, and artistic life and is one of Poland's most important economic hubs. The city has grown from a Stone Age settlement to Poland's second most important city. It began as a hamlet on Wawel Hill and was already being reported as a busy trading centre of Slavonic Europe in 965. With the establishment of new universities and cultural venues at the emergence of the Second Polish Republic in 1918 and throughout the 20th century, Kraków reaffirmed its role as a major national academic and artistic centre.


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Krakow Krakow Beautiful place, Town which is full of people of many different nationalities.
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It amazing place full of colours of everything - of people, of area, of music, of arts, of artists, of nationality,

Derekhyde5849 - about 3 years ago

You can take a cab ride or see the happy couple who is making a photo shoot
- photo from [link removed] I took a cab ride and I felt like I was in XIX century - really nice ;)

Derekhyde5849 - about 3 years ago